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My Music
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My Music

Hi, here is all the music I have created in the past few years. I have tried to catagorize it to make it easier to find what you are looking for, it is mostly some sort of techno, and a bit of trance. I think you'll either like it or find it funny, so long as you enjoy the site, I dont mind either way. I enjoyed creating my music, and plan on making more when I get some better recording equipment. In this day and age anyone can make music, my music history is I have been able to play a keyboard since very young, and I got into mixing as a teenager. Then I did nothing until 3 years ago. I taught myself, and hope I inspire talented musicians to put their stuff on the web. Legal stuff its all good! I wrote this music, so it belongs to me. None of this music is copyright, so you can download it for free legally, if you wanted. You can use any of the songs on here, for anything you like, and i dont mind if you dont credit me, but it would be nice to know about it.

Music files, in the form of .amr .

I really like these songs, and wasn't sure what to class them as, so put them here.
Wierd stuff
This stuff is dark and definatley wierd.
Chill out
Not so trancy that you'll fall asleep.
Possibly industrial techno, or close to it.
Ha, ha, made for fun or just went horribly wrong, my attempt at pop.
B4 I knew what I was doing
The first songs I ever made, I didn't have a clue what I was doing at the time but it's on here anyway.

Go to my midi music site, it has songs midi and videogames midi feirce's homepage
Go to my videogames midi site feirs homepage

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